3 Ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Brings You Closer to Your Customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can bring you closer to your customers, but how? In this blog we will explain how your company can benefit from using D365 ERP & CRM integration and turn your ideas into a customer-centric productive company, ultimately bringing you a step closer to your customers.

Customer relationship management used to be all about the sellers’ side of things. Customers had to go through sellers to find out more about products and services, as they were the only credible and reliable source of information.

Microsoft dynamics 365 3 ways closer to the customer

These days, the tides have turned, as customers now possess tools far more capable of finding alternative solutions for their needs than ever before. Businesses have to be aware of the fact that potential clients aren’t in the dark anymore – in the age of digital transformation, they can purposefully look for specific products and services and quickly move on from what they think is irrelevant content. Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes relationship management to a new level by shifting focus towards a customer-centric business model. Its highly integrated, cloud-based features enable organizations to keep track of the newest trends, target clients with pinpoint accuracy, and deliver custom-made offers at just the right time.

With all the added capabilities working as one synchronized system, and tighter control over vast amounts of useful information, D365 has more than a few ways to bring you even closer to customers, and thus increase the number of relevant revenue opportunities.

1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud-based operating means real-time info about customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 works thanks to Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure infrastructure and uses connectivity to its advantage by providing real-time, regularly updated information about customers. The transition between sales, marketing, and operations is therefore a smoother and less time-consuming experience. Want to check out the most recent news about your client’s organization? Interested in uncovering insights about the most relevant industry trends? Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes sure you’re in the loop by integrating ERP, CRM and other solutions into one smart network, so you know what’s going on without ever waiting for patches or updates.

2. Integration prevents data silos and enables precise communication with customers

Knowledge is power, but sometimes it’s difficult to organize and filter through all the data an organization can accumulate during its business processes. Keeping information on customers updated used to be a cumbersome task, but Dynamics 365 automates this process and turns streams of disparate data into a single source of truth. It can even work with outside platforms such as LinkedIn in order to provide you with the freshest information available.

3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 data analysis tools let you organize interactions with customers seamlessly

Collecting data is one thing, but reviewing and categorizing results and feedback is a different challenge. With the embedded intelligence of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can use previous patterns of clients’ behavior to produce customized recommendations and relevant content for the right people. A social intelligence tracker keeps your organization abreast of the customers’ comments and reviews on social media, making it drastically easier to increase engagement.

Customer-centric values are the way of the future, not just a fad. As customers are now learning how to find out more about organizations’ products and services on their own, organizations have to know what customers are thinking in order to maintain and build quality relationships. Dynamics 365 is a next-generation business solution that can help with that – its cloud-based setup helps it provide new information on potential clients at any given time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and DynamicLink

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