Hiring and Recruiting in a New Normal 2020 – What it Looks like?

Searching for a job in 2020 became a nightmare, so let’s try to simplify the hiring and recruiting process. As we all know the COVID-19 pandemic changed all of our resisting habits, now all we need is to adapt to this new normal situation and become super supportive of each other.

Hard times call for hard decisions. We could all agree with that statement, but we must keep in mind that a pandemic will pass and we will return to our previous habits. COVID-19 has hit globally almost every sector in the industry: markets failed, the economic crisis knocks on every country’s door, employees become unemployed, small businesses collapsed and everyone struggled to adapt to the new norms.

Recruiting New Normal 2020

As a recruitment company, we need to think about the post-COVID-19 hiring situation and stay in a representative connection with potential employees. Building a strong relationship between potential employers and talented Microsoft Dynamic individuals is our main goal.

Recruiting and finding jobs suffered a lot nowadays, hiring processes take much longer than before the pandemic. There is no first impression made between employers and potential employees, remote position can be hard if you have children or a big family, etc.

All these facts are well known to us, but what we want to strive for is constant support for future Microsoft Dynamics talents. We will create hiring opportunities together. You should just keep in touch with our new Microsoft Dynamics job opportunities on the DynamicLink website in order to stay up to date on all the latest job opportunities.

Recruiting and Hiring - DynamicLink
Do you remember when everything looked like this? COVID-19 has completely changed the recruitment process.

Together in Business – Hiring

DynamicLink’s goal is to recruit responsible individuals who want to excel in Microsoft Dynamics positions. We will guide you through all the available Microsoft Dynamic positions and provide the opportunity to connect and support all the talented clients in D365 specialized business roles.

Microsoft has been a leader in digital and technical development for decades, always connected with the latest industry trends. They employ hundreds of thousands of people around the world and provided them with excellent earnings and exceptionally great job benefits.

Dynamic Link was established in 2019 with the idea to connect all Microsoft Dynamic professionals in one place. The situation with COVID-19 shook our ideas at the beginning of the year, but at the same time strengthened our vision.

Microsoft Dynamic recruiting
Hiring and Recruiting in a new normal. Microsoft Dynamics recruitment by DynamicLink.

The Most Relevant Hiring Platforms for a Successful Job Search

During the pandemic a lot of people across the world have lost their jobs, many markets have collapsed, but platforms witch offering jobs have become the most visited during this period. Some of the most relevant are:

Indeed.com one of the best worldwide platforms for recruiting and hiring, currently offers you over 100.000 job positions, in addition, to help job seekers from different countries. As you can work from home, there are a lot of remote positions at the moment. The user experience and design are clear so you can easily navigate yourself through the website. Check out Indeed hiring positions and we are sure that you will find at least 10 jobs that suite your working experience and your character. They have a representative database of business positions, choose yours.

Glassdoor.com is a website where current and former employees review companies, of course, your anonymity is guaranteed. Feel free to check their reviews that can be helpful for your next business role. Also, you can search for your dream job on this platform and submit your resume. This web site is very powerful because it combines the previous and current experiences of employees and allows you to submit a new potential role.

LinkedIn as an online service platform is specifically oriented for employment and connecting with companies and business-related people. In the last few years become a main social network for hiring, job searching, and expending professional experience. Even it’s a professional hiring platform, LinkedIn is also a friendly network, where you can educate yourself while you are searching for a job.

Then, the next hiring platform is Toptal. Toptal is the largest fully remote company that hires exclusive and top-performing freelancers with highly performing skills in the digital industry.  So if you consider yourself as a top talented designer, software developer, product, or project manager, you can apply for some of those positions and become one of the Toptal freelance specialists.

Microsoft Dynamics Recruiting Becoming Stronger

Our vision is to keep talented Microsoft Dynamics professionals together in one place and provide them with filtered Microsoft Dynamics job positions. We believe that this recruiting and hiring process can make an agreement between potential employees and their Microsoft Dynamics dream job positions.

If you are a job seeker or talent seeker, check out our website and apply for the desired business roles or contact us to partner together in order to find the top talent for your organization.

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