Essential Software Tools for Remote Work in 2020

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In this blog, you will read about the tools for remote work, and find the best applications that could help you organize your remote work. We have to admit that working from home was been practiced in previous years, but this year it has completely taken over, and in the future remote work will become more than just a trend. Or, we could just say working from home is the New Normal.

With the newly emerged COVID-19 pandemic forcing many companies to shift their employees to working from home – employees as well as employers themselves scrambling to adapt to new internal communications strategies and start using tools for remote working to organize their everyday job responsibilities.

Tools for Remote Working - Be Successful

Not everyone has ideal working conditions when it comes to telecommunicating. Many employees live with their families, or do not have separate rooms in which they could fully dedicate themselves to work. On the other hand, some of them are completely lonely in their apartments, and need some form of social connection and interaction with colleagues, managers, and their leaders.

Essential Software Tools for Remote Work in 2020 1
Working from home could be difficult – what are the best tools for remote working?

If we take everything into account remote working can be stressful on so many levels, but thanks to the tools for remote work, jobs from our home could be adjusted more easily to ourselves and our business goals.

Here are some of the main communication and organization software tools that can increase your productivity during the pandemic and give you a clear picture of your business plans and remote work tasks.

The best Tools For Remote Work – Chat and Communication Apps that Could Help you Improve your Remote Work

Microsoft created a new communication platform that integrates workplace chat, video meetings, and application integration. Microsoft Teams, a new cloud-based collaboration tool, gives you the opportunity to build great team relations and share information efficiently. Also, you could increase your productivity by creating separate groups or channels where you could share your plans or ideas, communicating with colleagues, who are working on the same project as you. Additionally, security is another area in which Microsoft Teams stands apart from most of its competitors. Businesses of all sizes can use Teams. One of the best tools for remote working on the market right now.

Slack is among the most popular remote office communication tools for remote teams and remote workers. It offers features like managing projects, setting reminders, assigning teams, planning launches and openings, reviewing employee and sales contracts, and much more. Slack can also be integrated with many other apps.

As we all know, video is a must for keeping remote teams together, and engaging with them. Also if you have interviews coming up, or you’re looking to hire new team members, you can do it all online very easily – by using another excellent conferencing tool such as Zoom.

The remote working applications have a clear goal: to create a natural working space, to increase productivity, and minimize employee stress.

Essential Software Tools for Remote Work in 2020 2
Essentials tools for remote work.

What are Essential Tools for Remote Work and how to be Organized to Perfection?

One of the best platforms for complete insight into your organization and project management is Trello. Trello as a tool for remote organization stands out for its design and performance. Whether you work alone or in a big corporation team, Trello is the ideal solution for listing, tracking, and sorting your tasks. It is easy to use and you can easily manage your work tasks and commitments in order to effectively increase productivity.

The next useful tool for navigating and organizing your remote work plans is Hubstuff. This tool is created specifically with remote teams in mind. As a time tracking and productivity monitoring tool, Hubstuff has a much more serious approach to measuring productivity than Trello. It is a great application to keep the team in check at all times, so you know they are doing what they are expected to, even if they aren’t necessarily at their desk.

Despite its benefits, this application is not an employee’s favorite, because it constantly measures and tracks productivity, takes screenshots, and this could be disturbing for most of the employees and can direct influence on the creative side of the remote working process. Not everyone feels comfortable with this kind of work. But these kind of tools for remote work could be useful for a large group of freelancers working in a different time zone.

Our last recommendation for improving your remote work is the G Suite package. According to the latest data, the services of the G Suite application have become a favorite of the business users as well.  Entrepreneurs or owners of small and medium sized companies love to use G Suite because of the ease of use and familiarity with tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, etc. The original purpose was to provide companies with all the tools that make business easier in the digital era. The ability to stay productive with custom email, online data storage, calendar sharing—these are the main features that Google Apps for Work provides, all for the sake of increasing productivity and achieving business goals.

Tools for remote working - how to organize your work
Using those apps working remotely could be much easier.

As we all know, during the pandemic, we had to face new work related challenges. Working from home for most of us will likely last at least until the end of 2020. Therefore, arm yourself with patience, along with the best tools for remote working, and begin your digital telecommuting development. Finally, when you have all the tools and possibilities at your disposal, it is just as important that you try to balance everything in order to make your work simple, without having to sacrifice productivity.

Let’s join together in this remote telecommuting opportunity and do our best to simplify working from home. Hiring, and recruiting during the COVID-19  is also possible. Building our business relationships on trust and confidence in common development. Nowadays everybody struggles with the fear of losing their jobs or finding a new position in a different market. So, if you are a job seeker or talent seeker, check out our website and apply for the desired business roles, or contact us to partner together to find the top talent for your organization. Hope these top-picked tools for remote working are going to enable you to increase your job productivity and organization.

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